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Sheerflow Gutter Filter

Keeps Even the Smallest Debris Out

The Sheerflow Gutter Filter keeps even the smallest debris out of your gutter - a vinyl - coated fiberglass fabric supported by a rigid vinyl substrate filters out pine needles, seeds, etc.

  • Available in 3 foot lengths

NOTE: To minimize UPS shipping charges, please choose the largest package sizes to fit your requirements. We are charged shipping per box.

For example, if you'd like to purchase twenty (20) pieces of Sheerflow Gutter Filter:

  • Order one (1) Twenty-piece package, which is one (1) box.
  • or Order four (4) Five-piece packages, which are four (4) separate boxes and the UPS Shipping charges are much greater.

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Price: $11.00/unit - 5 pieces of 3' sections (equaling 15' total)
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